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Passionate software engineer fascinated by serverless solutions.
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I'm passionate about serverless solutions Node.js and PHP creating things learning things sharing knowledge

Developer with backend specialty (20+ years of experience in PHP itself + strong Node.js/TypeScript) experienced in developing, securing, and maintaining big scale web applications. Primary focus on pragmatism – finding the right balance between code quality and business value; promoting the usage of good practices.

I have worked with both monolithic and microservices-oriented architectures - I hold it both in high esteem as each has its benefits and challenges. If your monolithic application doesn't scale as well as you'd like and think that microservices might be a solution, contact me first and let's talk about possible solutions.

Every problem challenge needs a different approach and a technology stack.

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My Skills

I've built my strongest skills around Backend development over the years, but since I tend to question everything - even my own assumptions - I've also learned to love Frontend as well, and have become a Fullstack developer capable of delivering the whole solution.

These are my top skills, see the CV for more.

Symfony Framework

My Experience

A position I'm most experienced in is a software engineer. Nevertheless, I have certain human skills that make me a suitable team member also in roles involving some degree of management tasks (mentoring, motivating the team, representing the company in front of a client etc.).

Software Developer at RST Software Masters

Development and maintenance of REST API microservices implemented using PHP (5.6 and 7.x) Node.js which communicate with one another via Message Bus as part of a big (50+ other microservices) platform for the transportation industry, serving tens of thousands of users daily.
Most recent project - PHP/Symfony REST API + React client app + invoice recognition and data extraction system based on AWS solutions (written as a Lambda in Node.js/TypeScript). We using RabbitMQ for async tasks.
My role included being a backend developer making use of DevOps skills as well (designing and implementing CI/CD pipeline in Gitlab, preparing Docker images to be deployed in AWS ECR and assisting the maintenance team), an informal team leader, and a frontend development apprentice using React.
Architecture patterns used during that time: CQRS (mostly), hexagonal architecture, Event Sourcing and DDD (to some extent).

Technical Leader at Supersam.pl

Technical Leader/PHP Developer – software development and maintenance in a start-up environment, developers recruitment, introducing good practices, code refactoring, web application, and server environment optimizations. Tech stack: custom PHP framework + MySQL + Sphinx + cloud storage

PHP Developer in Nasza-Klasa

Software development at one of the most popular sites in Poland at the time, serving 11 million Monthly Unique Visitors - one-time campaigns and special subsites; improvement of main modules, e.g. Śledzik; maintenance, focusing on performance. Tech stack: custom PHP framework + Mootools + MySQL + Memcached + Redis.

Web developer at Kryptonim:PL

PHP/HTML/CSS developer – creating websites based on provided graphic designs.

Freelance web developer

Developing small and medium scale websites for various clients - both personal and business. Designing layout, coding, and periodic content updating. Used technologies: PHP, JavaScript (jQuery), MySQL, HTML and CSS. The most notable project involved the design, development, and maintenance of a dedicated platform for a pharmacy group (both front-end and back-end apps). After-purchase customer support.


Knowledge sharing

Given the chance to share my experiences or the things that drive me at the moment, I always do everything I can to deliver the top value to my audience.

Benefits and challenges of serverless architecture

My talk at the online edition of RST CodeMeetings during the pandemic. A thorough journey through all the reasons to step into serverless architecture and possible challenges one may and will face at some point.
See it on YouTube! (English subtitles available)

Real-time machine learning

A talk during RST CodeMeetings meetup regarding basics of real-time machine learning algorithms and tools to facilitate the implementation of such solutions.

PhpStorm Masters

Meetup appearance where I talked about speeding up PHP developer's workflow using JetBrains PhpStorm IDE.

I'm Available For Freelancing

If you need an advisor or a consultant regarding cloud, or even serverless, solutions, web software optimizations, or your project challenges in some other way...

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